‘Gossip Girl’ Star Chace Crawford Shirtless in Mexico, But What’s Wrong with His Face?!

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Gossip Girl star Chace Crawford always looks amazing, but he’s taking things to a whole new level while on vacation in Mexico. Yes, Nate Archibald is shirtless on the beach! Chace showed off his perfect abs as he played football in the sand, sporting only a pair of shorts. That being said, he does have a rather obvious bandage of some sort on his upper lip. What happened, Chace?

File:Chace Crawford.jpgPhotos published today in Britain’s Daily Mail newspaper clearly show Chace’s “plaster,” or bandage, on his lip. He also looks like he’s checking it several times. That’s understandable, especially if he’s playing football and otherwise being active. Is this a leftover injury from his New Year’s Eve fall at Miami’s swanky Fontainebleau Hotel. Reports back then said he did need stitches to his face for his injuries. Could this still be a problem for him?

Hopefully it’s not a big deal and Chace Crawford isn’t badly injured. It probably isn’t anything serious if the 26-year-old actor was out playing ball on a Mexican beach. And even with Chace’s decidedly scruffy look (definitely not Nate-ish), he still retains his super-hottie status.

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