‘Gossip Girl’ Will Likely End After a Short Season 6

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Gossip Girl fans will be disappointed to learn that the show will likely end after a shortened sixth season. Sources close to the show blame falling ratings for the show’s demise.

TheWrap.com explains that the show will return for a shortened season similar to the CW drama, One Tree Hill, did for its last season. The site claims to have gotten the news from a source that is “close to production.”

The show’s ratings have steadily been declining over the course of season 5, with current ratings averaging a measly 1.7 million viewers—down from 2.35 million in the show’s first season.

Fans have likely been turned off by the show’s lack of drama. The fifth season has been quite stale, with the same storylines being replayed repeatedly, with only the key roles being changed. Whether it’s a Blair/Chuck/Louis love triangle or a Blair/Dan/Chuck love triangle, it’s really the same story, isn’t it?

The show seems to have been on a downward spiral since the crew finished high school. It seems as if the show’s creators had no real “adult plans” for the characters, and fans tired of the high school type drama played out every week on the show.

TheWrap.com thinks the renewal has less to do with finishing the story, but more to do with finishing contracts. The show’s big stars are all under contract for another season and a short season 6 will spare the network the cost of severing ties.

What do you think? Do you think it’s a good time for Gossip Girl to end or would you like to see another few seasons? Share your thoughts below!

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