Got Gas? – it's still cheaper than milk!

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Got Gas? – it’s still cheaper than milk!


Yes, gas is cheaper and still delivers improved performance and mileage compared to milk … in your vehicle! The current national average $2.87/gallon for regular unleaded gasoline is causing a lot of people to have gas, and cramps in the stomach region, or pains in their derriere. Though some folks think the prices at the pump smell more like dairy air!

This weeks national average of $2.87/gal is up 31 cents from a month ago, and 67 cents more than the 2007 year to date low of $2.20. There has been speculation that prices may top $4.00 this summer. Remember, a pump average of $2.87 means there are some places with lower prices, and of course others with higher prices.

I would really like to know where I can get some of this $2.87/gal petrol, it would be a steal in my neck of the woods! I filled-up this weekend for $3.45 (which is about half of what I pay for my preferred brand of organic milk, or about the same as brand name regular milk) I saw area prices range up to $3.59 per gallon down the street.

Tahoe is typically at the top of the price list, and this is one time it is not good to be above average! Unfortunately my area is one of those that offsets the areas that are currently less than $2.87, but it is no fun being 60-70 cents (25%) above average.A few times over the past year, the Tahoe area average was the highest pump prices in the contiguous 48 states. We already know what $4.00 per gallon gas is like … ok, it topped out at only $3.97 but it is easy to imagine another three cents! But that forecasted $4.00/gal this summer is for the national average, and as you might guess, Tahoe will again be way above average!

Pump-prices effect your wallet in more ways than just filling your vehicle’s tank. Those higher prices are also paid by the transporters of the goods we all consume. Higher transportation costs are passed along, thereby increasing many other prices in our daily lives, even the price of milk!

So how much is gas in your neighborhood? What changes in your lifestyle does the rising costs of gasoline force you to make. Have you made changes in general to lessen your own dependancy on gas? Do you use alternate forms of transportation – public transit; walk or bicycle to school, work, play; or maybe just stay home? Will the possiblity of higher gas prices this summer cause you to change your family’s summer vacation plans?

Find lowest pump prices in your area, click for gas station locator.

Below are some statistics for you to mull over. There is a breakdown of what costs are involved in gas prices. A historic look at U.S. pump prices adjusted for overall inflation. And finally, you think gas is expensive at your local pump, look at prices in Europe for the really scary version of petrol prices, and drool with envy over some of the producer nation’s cheap gas.

U.S. Department of Energy explains where your fuel dollar goes:

Taxes: .15
& Marketing: .09
Refining: .24
Crude Oil: .52
Source:U.S. DOE


Historical Gas Prices

In America
adjusted for inflation – $ 2006

YearPrice Per Gallon
















2006 ( as of June)$3.03

Source:U.S. DOE


Global Gas Prices*
(1 gallon=3.8 L)

Most expensive per gallon:

Oslo, Norway: $6.99
Hong Kong: $6.54
London, UK: $6.36
Rome, Italy: $6.15
Frankfurt, Germany: $6.10

Least expensive per gallon:

Caracas, Venezuela: $0.12
Kuwait City, Kuwait: $0.78
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: $0.91
Buenos Aries, Argentina: $2.21

*Prices as of June 2006
Source: CNN Money





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