Governor Chris Christie Makes Appearance on ‘SNL,’ Is Actually Funny (Video)

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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie made a surprise appearance on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update with Seth Meyers, and was actually hilarious, poking fun at himself and scolding Meyers for talking. He was there purportedly to discuss the aftermath of Sandy, but he mentioned to comic effect that New Jersey citizens have learned to be patient, and quoted from Bruce Springsteen, who he called a “poet” and then a “saint.”

Christie wore the famous fleece that he has been seen in for so many interviews while dealing with the Hurricane, including one where he spoke out against the Presidential Campaign, saying that he didn’t “give a damn” about the elections right then. Christie has certainly garnered respect from many, both in New Jersey and out of the state, for his mature and highly prioritized dealing of Hurricane Sandy, and it is certain that many lives were saved because of the policies that he put in place and because of the help that he was quick to request and receive.

The thing is that Chris Christie has shown many sides in recent weeks and months, from his support of the Republican nominee to his support of Obama’s efforts, but no one really expected him to be as funny as he was. His comments about his fleece fused to his skin, and that he wore suits over it were particularly hilarious as was his remark that he would be buried in his fleece. The video is below.

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