GQ Glee Behind the Scenes Video – ‘Gift That Keeps on Giving’

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The controversial GQ “Glee” behind the scenes video is about to rake in the big dough for the popular men’s magazine.  Despite the controversy surrounding the “racy” photos that appear on the November issue of GQ, the “Glee” behind the scenes video will be the icing on the cake.  Or, as one official said, “the gift that keeps on giving”.

As if it were not enough to “p-o” the Parents Television Council (PTC), Ryan Murphy’s “Glee” cast are at it again, but not with racy photos this time.  Instead, Lea Michele, Dianna Agron, Cory Monteith, and probably a host of others, will show us the “scoop and skinny” with a GQ “Glee” behind the scenes video.

Glee Premiere and Screening Party held at The Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California on September 7th, 2010. Heather Morris Fame Pictures, Inc

The brass at GQ are one step ahead of the competition in the publicity department. Think about it; the November issue that showed the three, even more famous “Glee” members, half-naked with a host of crotch shots, managed a measly 33 million hits for the company’s website, according to Popwatch.

The Parents Television Council, the watchdogs for misbehaving television programming, scorned the magazine spread, referring to the “overt sexualization” of young girls on entertainment networks.  Just a bit of old hags who don’t see the big picture?  Perhaps so, especially when using Betty White as a barometer.  It appears that even she would high-five the brains behind the project for pushing the needle a bit.

Even a VP at GQ sees the upside of the photo shoot and how it can only mean more hits, more of a following for their magazine, and “mo money”.

“It’s going to be the gift that keeps on giving,” said VP and publisher Peter King Hunsinger.

So much can be argued about the intent of the creators who put together the racy photos and the GQ “Glee” behind the scenes video.

An easy argument can be made against it being to racy, sexist, to suggestive of porn with menage undertones, being overexposed, and lacking in the diversity the show has become to be known for.  The three amigos on the cover are not exactly a melting pot of the show, don’t you think?

Nonetheless, the GQ “Glee” behind the scenes video is sure to be a pocket-stuffer, Benjamin maker, and hits driver for the magazine’s website.  Let’s not forget about the to the moon and back again popularity the show, creators, and cast will have after it hits the web.

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