Gracie The Undercover Beagle and her Sidekick Boston Blackie–The Egg Thief ~ A Little Book for Little Readers By Douglas Quinn

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This new release from popular children’s author, Douglas Quinn, features a delightful mystery story with an all animal cast. Main character, Gracie, the undercover beagle, makes her literary debut in a new Quinn series. Gracie teams up with her friend and sidekick, black cat Boston Blackie, to solve the mystery of the missing henhouse eggs. Other characters include a grumpy rooster, a wise older cat, a hen, a hummingbird, a rabbit and a wise old dog.

Book size is 6 x 4 inches, with 47 pages; just right for small hands and short attention spans.  Illustrations are very appealing drawings of the animal characters.  This is an ideal book for parents to read to young children ages 4-6.  While reading the story, adults and children can discuss, ask questions, and try to guess at the solution to the mystery.  In the process, children will enjoy the story while learning about friendship, teamwork and compassion.

As an added bonus, the author has included a glossary in the back of the book to explain some terms used in the story.  Little ones can practice problem solving and expand their vocabularies.  Parents and grandparents will also find the story entertaining.

The small size of this book makes it ideal to slip into a child’s Christmas stocking or for giving multiple copies as favors at a Christmas party.

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