Grammy Winners as Predicted by E!

The new Grammy nominations just came out. However, E! thinks they already know who the Grammy winners will be. Take a look at their picks and she if you agree.

E! chooses Babel, from the group Mumford and Sons, as the Album of the year. They call the pick “safe” and claim it won’t rock the boat. Could they be right or does “safe” simply equate to boring? Not really. The truth is that this award is a toss up. It could go to any of the nominees. Babel is as good a choice as any other.

For Record of the Year, the entertainment gurus choose Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye with Kimbra. They could be wrong here. Some fans are predicting Taylor Swift will still pull off this win. That’s despite the fact that her latest album, Red, isn’t fully Grammy eligible. They’re probably right. It’s difficult to stop the Swift train.

E!’s song of the year choice is “We Are Young” with Janelle Monae. They seem to think Carly Rae Jepsen doesn’t stand a chance of capturing the nod. They could be wrong, but they probably aren’t. Although the singer knows how to make a hit single that fans love, all music critics and fans don’t necessarily agree.

When it comes to Best New Artist, the Grammys rarely allow the prize to go to the person who most deserves it. In this case, that would be Frank Ocean. For example, Esperanza Spalding grabbed the prize away from Justin Bieber a couple of years back. Nobody knew who she was then and they still don’t. Unfortunately, Ocean is well known. That might mean he’s out of the running.

Kelly Clarkson should win Best Pop Solo Performance for “Stronger”. Even the powers in entertainment agree with that. Of course, everyone could be wrong and Adele might prove she’s still the champ. Only time will tell.

For Best Rock Album, El Camino by Black Keys seems a right choice. The Grammys like proving they can be “with it” by choosing something hip and cool from time to time. This time around, it could be El Camino.

Other E! choices include Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange as Best Urban Contemporary Album and Kanye West and J-Z’s “N—-s in Paris” as Best Rap Song. They could be right on both counts; however, many are hoping they aren’t. There are other great choices in both categories.

What do you think of E!’s choice of Grammy winners? Sound off below.

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