Grande Olde Victorian Lady ~ Part II

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Yesterday I wrote an article about celebrating Easter Sunday at my sister's Victorian home in Braintree, Massachusetts.  Fanciful and flamboyant in reds and pinks, her Queen Anne style of home was popular in the late 1800's.  This style is often referred to as a "gingerbread house" because it has delicate turned porch posts and lacy, ornamental spindles.  Often it is also called Eastlake because the spindled style resembles the work of the famous English furniture designer, Charles Eastlake.

Yesterday, we only toured the outside of the house.  Today, we will take a peek inside.  I have to warn you…when Irish folks get together to celebrate, there's lots of noise…everyone talking at once. 

Walking up the brick driveway, we take the path between the house and the barn and enter the large kitchen.

My sister Fran and her husband Fred are sitting at the kitchen table.

The matriarch, my Mom is sitting on the settee with Fran's dog, Gabrielle and Mom's great granddaughter Alyssa.  In the background you can see the gazebo, which is through a sliding glass door.

Alyssa is regaling her great grandmother with stories of her spring-break kayaking trip in Baja Mexico.  Just then, my cousin Terry arrives with his partner Gino.

Leaving the kitchen, I slip into the study where it is fairly quiet.  My brother-in-law Fred collects antique clocks…throughout the house and barn he must have over twenty-five of them.

The image

Fran does not keep a very orderly desk….does she?  On the mantlepiece is more clutter.  Notice the picture taken last summer at Fran's granddaughter's wedding.  Last summer I wrote a story about Melissa's wedding.

Exiting the study, I enter the front foyer and take a peek under the main staircase before looking up.

To the right, I can look through the half wall into the living room.

The image

Fran loves old antiques and spends much of her time at estate sales and yard sales.  She has a discerning eye for what is unique.

But let us not forget there's a party going on in this "old painted lady".  In the dining room people are gathered living and loving and telling tall stories as families have done throughout the ages.

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