Grandma Gave Birth to Daughter’s Baby

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Linda Sirois gave her 25-year-old daughter the greatest gift she could possibly give her. This grandma gave birth to her daughter’s baby. The 49-year-old Maine woman acted as a surrogate for her daughter, Angel Hebert, and delivered her baby boy on August 17.

Sirois decided to carry her daughter’s baby for her because she has a heart condition that makes it dangerous to get pregnant. Hebert was so upset that she couldn’t have a baby until her mother offered to have a baby for her. Although she had a difficult time at first reaching out to fertility clinics because of her age, she eventually found a fertility clinic in Massachusetts that was willing to impregnate her.

Last December, Sirois became pregnant and admitted that it was her easiest pregnancy. “I felt good and had no complications.”

Needless to say, Hebert is very thankful and loves her mother for doing this for her. “She is amazing. I couldn’t have asked for a better mother. It’s such a great and selfless gift she has given us,” Hebert said. “She brought her grandson into the world and we now have our beautiful baby boy. We are all super excited.”

Sirois will definitely have a stronger bond with her grandson since she carried him in her belly for nine months, that’s for sure. But will it be strange for her grandson when he learns that it was his grandma who actually gave birth to him? Possibly. He might have a difficult time dealing with it when he’s a teenager and might even get teased about it at school.

Do you think it was right for Sirois to carry her daughter’s baby? Or do you think Hebert should have gotten a non-relative to give birth to her baby?

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