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If you or anyone you know needs support or information about breastfeeding, here is one site to check out:

Lately I have realized that normalizing breastfeeding is the best way to encourage success for moms who breastfeed.  We need to see it everywhere; we need to assume that moms are breastfeeding, unless there is some rare extenuating circumstance preventing it; we need to step up in support of breastfeeding moms so they know that there are veritable armies of people behind her, defending her right to nurse in public and have whatever she needs to take care of her baby.  Dads and grandparents should be included in our campaign, because they play an absolutely vital role in the success of a breastfeeding mom.

If you have breastfed or currently are breastfeeding, please make an effort, however small, even if it is just to smile encouragingly at a mom you see nursing and give her a kind word, to be the change we need in the world.

We need for babies to be breastfed.


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