Greece Cemetery Crisis Leads to Rent-a-Grave – Will the US Be Next?

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Greece is in the middle of a very horrible cemetery crisis. With the price of land so high, the country is being forced to recycle graves. That’s right, in Greece, you don’t own your grave site forever, you only rent it for a maximum of three years. Creepy, isn’t it?

First off, it’s widely known that to be resurrected, the body must be buried whole, according to the Greek Orthodox Church. The church believes that the body is the temple of the spirit. So, why is it that the Greek government is forcing people to rent their grave sites? Of course, if you’re extravagantly rich, this isn’t a problem as you can buy a grave for 150,000 euros or close to $200,000 US dollars. But if you are poor or middle class, as many people in Greece are, then you’re out of luck. You can have your grave for three years, but then it’s given to someone else. Though it’s a disturbing question, one must ask: What happens to the bodies that they exhume?

Well, by law, once the three-year mark is reached, a relative of the deceased must be present at the gravesite of their loved one, to witness a cemetery worker dig up the grave, exhume the body–which sometimes is not even fully decomposed–and then place what is left of their loved one in a storage box the size of a shoe box.

Can you imagine how disturbing that must be for family members? No sooner do you start to recover from the death of your family member, then you are told to come back so you can witness the burial process–in reverse this time–as they unearth your mother, father, son, or daughter and stick them in a tiny little box. It’s a horrible thing to think about, never mind witness. Not to mention that some people have no family left, what then? Are they just dumped in a garbage heap to save precious space? The answer is “yes.”

Cemetery in Mytilini, Lesbos, Greece. Click image to expand.According to Alex Mar, who has experienced this issue after the death of his grandparents, if no one shows up, then the remains of your loved ones are put into a mass grave and dissolved with some sort of toxic chemical. Mar says this is not uncommon.

How can a human being be so awful and heartless as to do this on a daily basis? In addition, you must ask as well how a country can put a higher value on the land than on the human body? It’s disturbing and not to mention highly irresponsible of a country to put remains in a mass grave, if no one shows up to watch them be removed.

Sometimes, when you hear of things such as this, it makes you a little bit happier that you live in America. Though this country has it’s problems–there is no doubt about that–but people here can at least be assured that the US wouldn’t pull their decomposed bodies up out of the grave, because someone else wants to be laid to rest in their spot.

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