Green Bay Packers Tie Gets Car Salesman Fired

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A Green Bay Packers tie gets a suburban Chicago car salesman fired for refusing to remove the offending tie. He wore the tie the day after the Packers beat the Chicago Bears.

The Green Bay Packers are moving on to the Super Bowl, and the Chicago Bears fans are in no mood to play nice. John Stone wore the tie to work on Monday at Webb Chevrolet in Oak Lawn. He claims it was to honor his dead grandmother, who was a big Green Bay fan, but his boss, Jerry Roberts, was not impressed.

Of course the boss asked Stone to remove the tie five times, but when Stone refused, Roberts fired him. At best it was in bad taste to wear the tie, but should a man be fired for wearing it? According to SFGate, “Roberts says the dealership has done promotions involving the Bears and he was afraid the tie could alienate the team’s fans and make it harder to sell cars.”

Stone could have worn the tie after work, and even went to bed in his Green Bay Packers pajamas, but he wanted to make a point, so he made it. Now, he has lost his job, and he can stay home in the comfort of his own home wearing any tie he wishes and watch the Green Bay Packers.

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