GREEN eggs and more GREEN eggs

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(In the spirit of “Green Eggs and Ham”) 

comes another ‘Liittle Miss Hen’ story


GREEN eggs and

more GREEN eggs


Little Miss Hen found a friend today

Someone to help with a cooking chore

A little voice shouted, “I’ll help you Miss Hen”

A tiny mouse scampered across the floor


“I’m baking a cake and I need two eggs

One of them’s for me, the other’s for you

Would you mind much getting them for us”

So Molly Mouse knew just what to do

“I brought two eggs, but they are green

What happened to them – can you say?”

“My chickens eat nothing but spinach

Green’s what everyone wants anymore”

I think my eggs will be all the rage soon

The door bell rang – two more at the door

Molly, please fetch two more green eggs

We’ll have to build a much bigger cake

When the others saw funny green eggs

All they could think was they were fake

Will it taste anything like the pie: Key Lime?”

They’d never seen eggs this color before

“But an egg is still an egg, soon you’ll see”

Another knock; two more friends at the door

“The skin or shell doesn’t tell what’s inside

Like people are people no matter their shade

No better or worse than the one next door

Remember green eggs, are born this way”

Let us help you, Molly, to gather more eggs

Friends keep coming and coming, what to do?

This cake must be huge to feed the others

Miss Hen built the cake in the shape of a shoe

Remember she said the woman in the shoe

She had all those children to care for and feed

I present to you now this shoe full of cake

The cake wasn’t green, but eggs were you see


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