Green Lantern Is Gay—DC Comics Superhero Gets New Story

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DC Comics superhero, the Green Lantern, is gay. That’s the big news from the comic book world, which had previously learned one of the classic heroes would be transformed. However, there’s more to the story of this comic book character than the headlines indicate.

Product DetailsAccording to, this is a reboot of the character from DC Comics. His name is Alan Scott, and he is one of more than 7,200 of these types of “extraterrestrial heroes” in existence. TMZ says that makes the fact this particular hero is gay less impressive. A comic book image at their site shows the everyday alter-ego, true identity, Alan Scott, kissing another man with the caption “…God, I’ve Missed You.”

Many may have been shocked by the news if it were Superman or Batman. These are two of the biggest names in DC Comics, whereas Green Lantern, while still a classic hero, may not be as shocking. It will be interesting to see if this particular issue where the hero is introduced as gay becomes a top seller and rarity for comic book collectors.

By the way, there has also been some controversy with this story as well, involving One Million Moms asking “Why do adult gay men need comic superheroes as role models? They don’t but do want to indoctrinate impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light.”

GLAAD fired back and said as part of their response, “The idea that a comic book character will make young people gay is as outlandish as saying it will give them a green power ring and the ability to fly.”

If nothing else, many will now wonder what happens with Ryan Reynolds in his role as Green Lantern in the previous movie attempt, which flopped. Will they reboot the film completely and go with the new gay character? Will Reynolds come back for a sequel and come out of the closet in it? Seems like there’s all sorts of possibilities brewing here.

The cool thing is that DC Comics is embracing the concept with one of their classic heroes (who isn’t exactly the original Green Lantern) and showing the world that even though superheroes have “secret identities,” they don’t have to keep being gay a secret from the world. Well done by the DC Comics crew!

What do you think of the fact they have Green Lantern as the first gay superhero for DC Comics? Good idea, or bad idea?

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