Greg Fultz’s Ex-Wife: I Want to Help Nani (Interview)

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Greg Fultz found himself in the center of a media firestorm this week when he put up a billboard claiming his ex-girlfriend had aborted their child. Now Greg’s ex-wife Jennifer McConnell has gone public with details of their relationship, painting Fultz as unstable and abusive. She hopes that by sharing her story she can help Nani Lawrence’s civil case against Fultz. McConnell spoke to me exclusively today.

Going Public:

Renee Shah: The story about Greg became national news earlier this week, but you waited until today to start your Twitter account. What finally made you decide to go public and start telling your story?

Jennifer McConnell: Quite honestly, if I would have had somebody doing this for me eight years ago, something more may have been accomplished in my case. By speaking out against him, I’m hoping he will never be able to hurt another woman, and hopefully Nani will receive some justice for what he’s put her through so far.

RS: How did you first hear about his billboard project? What was your initial reaction?

McConnell: My mother called to tell me about it on Wednesday. My first reaction was to find out if I could help Nani in any way.

On Meeting Greg Fultz:

RS: How and when did you and Greg Fultz meet? How long were you married? What was his behavior like before you got married? Was there any indication that he was in any way abusive before you were married?

McConnell: We met at a gas station in Springfield, IL one evening in 1998. He was controlling when it came to who I could and could not talk to, including my family, but no physical abuse until much later. We were married for five years, however I left after three years.

Fultz’s Alleged Interest in an Underage Girl:

RS: You said in one of your tweets that you were involved with Greg while you were still 16. Did he know or care that you were underage? Does he have a history of being involved with underage girls?

McConnell: He knew how old I was, and has admitted it in one of his tweets tonight.

A History of Abuse:

Jennifer McConnell’s Twitter account chronicles a variety of abuse suffered under Greg Fultz. Understandably she preferred not to go into detail about this abuse, but her Tweets give a rather vivid picture of the type of life she lived with Fultz.

RS: You mentioned that he attempted suicide as a way to get you back. Can you go into detail about that? Is it normal for him to do something dramatic like that as a way to win someone back? Do you think that was what he was attempting with the billboard?

McConnell: One night in 2003 he sent a suicide note to my mother via fax. She immediately called Cole County Police, who found Greg unconscious and naked in the country, holding an empty whiskey bottle and our wedding picture. After bringing him back from the dead quite literally, they had him admitted to the hospital. The billboard thing isn’t an attempt to get het back, it’s a vindictive move to humiliate her, nothing more.

Father’s Rights?

RS: Greg is now essentially claiming that the billboard was entirely about “fathers’ rights” and that he desperately wanted to be a father. There even appears to be a message from him to his Congressperson on Facebook where he asks for a law to be passed giving men 50% rights over women’s bodies while they’re pregnant. When you were married was he ever interested in having children? Is his interest in “fathers’ rights” legitimate?

McConnell: He always has wanted kids, even had names picked out for his first son: Gregorian Diablo Fultz. Loosely translated to Gregory the Devil. His interest in pro-life is valid, however the fathers’ rights movements are strictly to put his name out there, get his 15 minutes, while giving himself ammo towards Nani.

On Talking to Nani:

RS: Have you communicated at all with Nani? Would you be willing to make the evidence you have against Greg (police reports, etc) available to her legal team if they wanted them?

McConnell: I have not had the pleasure of speaking to her, however all evidence I have had been offered to the police dept.

RS: What is your life like now that you are long past your relationship with Greg?

McConnell: Much better, much safer, and I have become a much stronger woman because of him.

I thank Jennifer McConnell for her time and insight into a new chapter of the Greg Fultz story.

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