Gregory Schaffer, Iraq Veteran, Ordered to Take Down the American Flag from His Property

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Gregory Schaffer in the Marine Corps in Iraq. The 24-year-old soldier now lives in Hypoluxo, Florida and has been ordered by town officials to remove the American flag from his front yard.

Cited: Days after Mr Schaffe raised the flag in his front yard, seen, he received the citation from an anonymous neighbor

An anonymous neighbor complained “within days” after the veteran put up the flag, as reported by Now.MSN, prompting the city to issue a citation. The pole Schaffer used needs a “building permit,” which would cost the young marine $1,000. Tim Large, head of the building department, insists that the American flag is not the concern. He said, “Well he can fly his flag; the issue is that he has to get a building permit,” according to First of all, the author would have some choice words for this “anonymous” neighbor, but seriously? A building permit for a flag pole?

Watch the local news report here:

How pathetic. It would be nice if some non-anonymous neighbors took a stand on behalf of Gregory Schaffer, who risked his life to serve his country.

Photo Source: Daily Mail

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