Grey’s Anatomy Disarm Preview & Live Recap: A Shooting Brings Back Memories

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Grey’s Anatomy is back! The series returns to ABC after a short break for the holiday season, and this week’s all new episode 7.11 titled Disarm will be a true test of the staff of Seattle Grace, as they need to deal with the victims from a shooting at a nearby college campus.

It has only been months since Gary Clark walked through the hospital and shot people one by one on the season finale of Grey’s Anatomy. He never even shot his intended targets for the most part. He did shoot Derek, and it took him time to recover. The longest recovery time has been for Cristina Yang. She has battled herself, trying to return to the passion she loves – surgery.

She has been unable to do much though, but this week fans have been teased once again that she might pull herself out of the stat she has been in for months now. Is it just another tease? Or will fans see the return of the Cristina Yang that they know and love?

All of this while fans also see the return of Arizona Robbins to the city, and she wants Callie Torres back. Does Callie want her back though? Spoilers say no! Tune in tonight to watch an all-new Grey’s Anatomy on ABC!

If you can’t tune in, follow my comments to this post later tonight with a full live recap as the action happens. Check out the above link for some sneak peeks of tonight’s episode before it airs!

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