‘Grey’s Anatomy': Is McDreamy Leaving the Show?

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When George O’Malley died on Grey’s Anatomy, fans were worried that his absence would leave a gap in the show that could not be filled. Many thought it was impossible for the show to bounce back, because the show was losing so many main characters because of tensions behind the camera.

However, writers managed to save the show, but they are in for quite the challenge according to a new report. Rumors are floating that McDreamy himself, Patrick Dempsey, may not be returning as a full-time actor to the show. And it seems that Ellen Pompeo is busy working on other projects outside of the show.

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According to a Wet Paint report, viewers can expect to see Derek Shephard, Meredith Grey, Christina Yang, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber on the next season of Grey’s Anatomy. But just how much time in front of the camera each of these will get is questionable. With other offers, Pompeo and Dempsey may be phased out of the show, leaving the other Grey family member in focus.

Grey’s Anatomy has been focusing more on the other characters over the past seasons; these include Lexie Grey, Owen Hunt, Mark Sloan and Callie Torres.

Would you even notice Meredith and McDreamy’s presence on the show after so long?

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