‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ‘Love Turns You Upside Down’ Recap: Caught in the Middle

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Grey’s Anatomy season 9 continued with episode 8, “Love Turns You Upside Down,” which saw some interns happy with their assignments for the day, while others were put into tough situations.

"Love Turns You Upside Down" Photo: Ron Tom/ABCJo was assigned to work with Alex, and it was through their case that he saw her in a completely different light—and learned why she didn’t exactly like the “princess” nickname. A teenager, Kimmy, gave birth to a baby with CDH, and the baby had to be hooked up to an ECMO machine. They needed to monitor the baby 24/7. But instead of being worried about her child, Kimmy was focused on a friend’s party and didn’t even want to see her baby. When Jo later commented on that to Alex, he said that not everyone had it easy and some had to overcome things. He told her not to judge. However, after Alex found Jo yelling at Kimmy and her mother when they were walking out on the baby and he intervened, he found out that her mother abandoned her. She grew up in foster homes and the only one who was there for her was a teacher, who also gave her the nice watch she wore because her son worked for the company.

Meanwhile, Leah and Stephanie were assigned to Cristina’s service. First there were Samantha and Reese, two babies on the heart transplant list. Their parents, Laura and Noah respectively, had bonded over waiting alone. While it was looking like Reese would be able to go home and wait for the heart, his condition got worse—so critical that it moved him up to the top of the list just as a heart became available. Though they had been there for one another, Laura couldn’t be happy for Noah because she felt like he took Samantha’s heart. However, by the end of the episode, she of course returned to his side and told him that Reese wouldn’t reject the heart when he pointed out that was still a possibility.

Then there was Mrs. Crossley, who was getting a pacemaker, a simple procedure. Though Leah spent some time sucking up to Cristina, it was Stephanie who got to scrub in. However, they discovered they needed to go back in when her husband brought her in, holding her upside down by her ankles because whenever he put her down, they couldn’t find a pulse. And that was when things went wrong. The interns were too busy arguing over who would get to be in the OR that they could’ve killed her with one mistake. That got them both banned from the OR.

Shane was happy to be on April’s service, but she told him they were just on “lump and bump” duty, which led to a less-than-respectful reaction from him in a patient’s room. She took him outside and explained that they needed to be there for their patients. It was up to them to let them know it would be okay. Though he had yet another disgusted reaction to something on a woman’s butt, April had the same one and told him to rush the labs. When they didn’t get through all the patients for the day, April remarked that she was on “lump and bump” duty again the next day, and he offered to help. She thought he had been put up to it, but he returned to help and explained that he had ended up saving that woman’s life and her advice had helped him get in on a pretty big surgery—Derek’s.

Jackson and Callie brought the interns in to meet their patient—Derek. They needed an intern they could trust, and when Shane examined him and took April’s lesson to heart, telling him Callie and Jackson would take good care of him, that was it. He was the only one who treated Derek like a patient, and so he was on the team.

"Love Turns You Upside Down" Photo: Ron Tom/ABCHeather was on Meredith’s service for the day, and Meredith had her call up Derek’s sisters to see who wanted to donate a nerve for his surgery because live nerves were better than cadaver ones. And so Heather ended up caught in the middle as Derek told her to call his sisters back and undo what she did and Meredith told her not to. Heather ended up juggling multiple sisters and even found out about Meredith’s pregnancy since she had her phone and her doctor called to confirm an ultrasound. But she couldn’t tell anyone. Heather finally had enough when she was once again put in the middle of Meredith and Derek and told him that his sisters were angry he didn’t call himself and she wasn’t happy she knew things about both of them. She didn’t want to know their secrets, but she did. And then Lizzie joined them, did some quick analysis of Heather, and asked to see baby pictures since she wasn’t just there for the nerves.

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