‘Grey’s Anatomy’ ‘Remember the Time’ Recap: Fighting to Survive

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Grey’s Anatomy season 9 continues with episode 2, “Remember the Time.” It begins with Meredith’s story. Once rescued and in the hospital, she asks for Lexie before Bailey and Webber come in with Zola. They’re going home via plane—sedated. Cristina doesn’t react when she tells her. Once home, Derek still wants to leave, despite the surgeries still left for his hand and Mark and Cristina’s conditions. Meredith refuses, saying they’re staying and moving into their house.

Photo Credit: Craig Sjodin/ABCAt work, Alex can’t believe Meredith’s staying. He’s just delaying Hopkins until Arizona heals (though he hasn’t been in to see her because she took his seat on the plane). Jackson too is staying (for Mark). Meredith insists Mark and Arizona will be fine, emphasizing that they’ll all be fine for Cristina, who lies in the hospital bed, still not speaking, even when a doctor wants to move her up to psych and Meredith begs her to talk.

Then there’s Derek’s story. The concern is the nerve damage in his hand, and Derek’s focus is getting back into the OR. The doctor says he can get him back to 80% function. At home, he tells Meredith he can still teach and consult. They’re both alive; that’s what’s important. Derek consults for Dr. Ramsey, and she offers for him to observe. He says he has a class to teach. He joins the interns in observation and picks up a mistake and tells Ramsey how to fix it. Later, Derek tells Mark he could’ve pulled it off if he was in there. Mark’s doing better and says Derek will get to 100%. Callie has a riskier plan (nerve graft) than Schacter’s that would mean a full recovery—and he tells her she’ll do it. Callie’s operating when Alex comes in and tells her there’s a problem with Arizona.

Moving on to Cristina’s story, the doctors had to restrain her because she became violent when they tried to examine her. The rest of the time, she’s unresponsive, as the doctor tells Owen and Webber. Owen undoes her restraints and holds her. From that point, everything is through the fog that Cristina sees—until the interns stand outside her room talking about her. Then she throws a vase at the window. Owen’s taking care of her at home, including bathing her, and he tells her she can get back to work and into the OR at her own pace while he deals with the patients and families. When he tells her it’s time to get out of the tub, she says she can’t. She remembers every minute of the four days: trying to keep everyone alive, running out of water, and the animals fighting over Lexie. She tried to keep the animals away, but as she tells Owen, “I couldn’t get out. I can’t get out. …I’ll never get out.” Cristina’s packing up to leave, and she knows she’s running. Terrible things happen there, and she thinks Meredith should leave too. That’s not happening, and Meredith says Cristina’s person has always been Cristina, not Meredith, not Owen.

As for Mark’s story, he needs to be shocked back to life upon rescue, and when Julia comes to see him, he tells her he loves—loved—Lexie. Once he’s moved into a room at Seattle Grace, Derek has to convince Callie to go get some rest while he watches over him. The next scene shows Mark sitting up and seemingly on the road to recovery, but Derek thinks Webber thinks it’s just “the surge.” He doesn’t believe it. However, then Mark does what “surge” patients do and tells Jackson to tell someone he loves them if he does. As Jackson’s heading up to get Sofia, April tells him she’s going home and he asks her to wait for him at Joe’s. Mark knows what’s happening, and he gets worse. However, he doesn’t want Callie or Derek to know since they’re going into the OR, and instead, Webber sits at his side.

Finally, it’s time for Arizona’s story. Upon rescue, the doctor recommends amputation, but Arizona asks to see her scans and tells Owen she doesn’t give them permission to amputate. She wants to go home to Callie. Once in Seattle, Callie looks over her and Alex stops by to update her on a patient. When he tells her it should’ve been him, she says she had the same thought. She has a wife and a baby, but he has no one. She kept trying with him, but he’s still a horrible person and she wants him out of her room. After Bailey brings Sofia by for a visit, Arizona tells Callie they should get a house so Sofia has a yard. Then she focuses on her leg. She knows that if they keep waiting, there will only be one option. She makes Callie promise not to let them take her leg.

Owen thinks Callie should be preparing Arizona for amputation, but Callie wants her wife back. Arizona is just a shell now and if they cut off her leg, she won’t get her back. Callie has a plan to save it. Before her surgery, Alex stops in to tell Arizona he’s done and heading to Hopkins. He’s sorry it happened to her and made her hate him. That’s when she crashes, and Alex goes to Callie. She’s dying, and they know it’s her leg. Callie tells him, “Cut it off.”

Webber goes over Mark’s wishes with him and has him sign. Mark gives it 30 days before he wants care withdrawn. Meredith watches as Callie continues to operate on Derek and leaves Cristina a voicemail. Mark crashes moments before Jackson comes down with Sofia. He hands her off to a nurse and hurries to help Webber. Alex begins Arizona’s amputation. By the time Jackson makes it to Joe’s, April’s on a plane. Cristina calls Meredith back, telling her she’ll always be her person.

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