‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Scoop: Chandra Wilson will Direct for the Fourth Time

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Occasionally, one of the main cast of a show takes a turn behind the cameras and directs an episode. David Boreanaz has done it a few times on Bones, and Emily Deschanel is going to have her own chance soon. Jensen Ackles took a turn this season on Supernatural. This season on Grey’s Anatomy has already had Kevin McKidd and Chandra Wilson take the directorÂ’s credit for an episode each.

Wilson to direct again on GreyÂ’s

According to TVGuide, Wilson will be directing for the fourth time on the show. She previously directed the episodes, “Give Peace a Chance,” “Push,” and “Almost Grown.” She’ll be behind the camera for episode 20.

According to Wilson, she talked to McKidd about his episode and told him, “I saw so many things I’m going to steal, so just don’t be mad when they show up in my episode because I’m taking them,” and his response was “I stole them, so you can take them, too.” Grey’s Anatomy is an ensemble cast and it seems like they don’t just help each other out on camera but off as well.

Though she doesn’t know what the episode will be about, she has her own ideas already for what she wants to do with it: “I haven’t used any of the cranes yet, so hopefully my script will give me some kind of justification to bring in a big old crane and do a nice aerial sweep across the cast. So if you see it in the episode, you’ll know that’s something I lobbied for.” It’ll be interesting to see if that winds up in the episode.

What do you think of Chandra Wilson directing on GreyÂ’s Anatomy once again?

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