‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Episode 22 ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ Preview: Who Failed?

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 continues next week with episode 22, “Let the Bad Times Roll.” Will Alex make it to the boards on time? Who will come out of it the best? Who will fail?

Grey’s Season 8 Episode 22 “Let the Bad Times Roll” Promo

“The residents agonize over their oral boards, reliving every answer they gave during their exams; Arizona’s close childhood friend comes to Seattle Grace for medical help; the doctors work on a patient who is missing one third of his skull; and Julia asks Mark to start a family with her. Meanwhile Catherine tells Richard that one of his residents has failed.”

Everyone went into the boards with other things on their minds, and Alex wasn’t even there when his name was called. Arizona told him to make an effort to make it, but will he make it? Will what happened before the boards affect everyone when they’re in with their examiners?

In the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 22 promo for “Let the Bad Times Roll” (below), no one seems happy with their performance after. Meredith describes the boards as “actual, physical hell” (and calls Derek asking if he’d still love her if she failed), while Jackson calls it “an interrogation.”

Clips do show what happens for each resident during the exams. April insists she’s a really good doctor, but also says, “I am dying in there,” while in the bathroom, her shirt off. That’s because she’s sweating like crazy when facing her examiners. She didn’t exactly have a normal, calm night the night before—she punched someone and had sex with Jackson—but will that be her downfall?

Things aren’t going well for anyone. Meredith runs down the hall to throw up (but it looks like she may have made it through while in the room with the examiners). One of Cristina’s examiners (played by Boys Meets World and St. Elsewhere‘s William Daniels) says, “I think we’ve had enough,” and they all walk out. That explains why Cristina says, “If anyone failed, it was me.” But could Cristina really fail her boards after she was so sought after and everyone was wooing her? Is she going to end up being a disappointment to places?

Then there’s Alex. It looks like he’s going to try his hardest to make it to the boards in time, but that clip of him throwing his bag down the hallway doesn’t bode well for his future. Catherine says that one of the doctors didn’t pass. Who was it? Was it someone people wouldn’t expect? How will everyone react to the news?

What do you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 22 preview of “Let the Bad Times Roll”?

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