‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Episode 22 ‘Let the Bad Times Roll’ Sneak Peeks

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 continues this week with episode 22, “Let the Bad Times Roll.” The boards are over, but the residents are stressing about what happened. As has been revealed, one of them failed, and it looks like there are reasons why it could be any of them.

Grey’s Season 8 Episode 22 “Let the Bad Times Roll” Sneak Peeks

Three new previews have been released from this week’s Grey’s episode, and they’re not all about the boards. One focuses on Mark’s personal life. He could be taking a major step forward with Julia.

In the first sneak peek (below), the residents are in the rooms with their examiners, and things seem to be going okay in the beginning. Then April asks for a piece of information…and then another one. You can already see where this is going to go downhill and lead to her yelling that she needs all the information to answer a question as seen in a clip released earlier. Alex’s examiners aren’t going to wait around much longer for him. Will he show up before it’s too late? Finally, Cristina makes an “aggressive choice,” according to one of her examiners, and she says she could do something else instead. However, is that just the beginning of her troubles with this examiner? It seems likely. Finally, there’s Meredith, who does her best to get through an answer, but her examiner can tell something’s up.

The second Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 22 clip (below) shows Richard running into an upset Catherine. He’s worried it has to do with the night they spent together, but it’s not that. She talked to her friends on the committee and found out one of the doctors failed. She doesn’t know which resident it is, and she’s worried Jackson will blame him forever if it’s him. The preview clips so far have had signs that point to it being any of the residents, though Jackson does seem like he may not be doing as bad as everyone else (besides noticing distractions from other rooms). Will Catherine and Richard talk about what happened between them? Will it happen again, or will they just put it down to something that happened once and won’t happen again?

In the third “Let the Bad Times Roll” sneak peek (below), Mark’s still nervous for Jackson, which you have to love. After Julia calls him “a natural father,” she suggests they have a baby. While she loves what they have and his family, she’s thinking about their future together. She tells him they can talk about it later and he can go back to worrying about Jackson. Before she leaves him with a kiss, she does tell him, “My FSH levels would suggest that rushing a little might not be the worst thing in the world.” Will this lead to Mark rethinking his feelings for Lexie before he makes a decision about his future with Julia? Could this be what leads to him figuring out what to do about his love life?

What do you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 22 sneak peeks from “Let the Bad Times Roll”?

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