‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Finale ‘Flight’ Sneak Peek: After the Plane Crash

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 comes to an end this week with episode 24, “Flight,” and it’s going to show the aftermath of the plane crash. Who will live? Who will die? Will Derek be found?

Grey’s Season 8 Episode 24 “Flight” Sneak Peek

Episode 23, “Migration,” ended with a plane crash. Now, the first six minutes of the final episode of the season have been released, and they focus on what happened to everyone in that accident. Who’s the most in danger of dying? Where’s Derek? Will they all survive? Will anyone find them? Who’s in shock?

The first six minutes of the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 finale, episode 24, “Flight” (below) show what happened right after the crash. Meredith wakes up to Cristina yelling at her to get up. She pulls a piece of the plane out of her leg. Arizona’s screaming where she’s lying on the ground, and Cristina explains that Derek was sucked out of the plane and the back of the plane—where Lexie was—came off. They follow a noise to the back of the plane, where Lexie’s using a seatbelt to bang on its side. She’s trapped, and Meredith continues to search for Derek while Mark and Cristina are left to figure out a way to free her. First, Mark has to pop Cristina’s shoulder back in.

Meredith, Cristina, and Arizona each face some sort of shock. There’s Meredith’s panic when she first wakes up, there’s Cristina’s focus on the fact that she’s only wearing one shoe, and there’s Arizona’s laughter upon staring at the bone in her leg and thinking about her orthopedic surgeon wife.

While Meredith screams for Derek, he wakes up, but his hand is stuck in part of the plane. He tries to call out to her, but when that doesn’t work and he can’t free himself, he picks up a rock and slams it down as the screen fades to white title screen and you hear his scream. It’s hard not to flinch at that.

That’s only the first six minutes—imagine what the rest of the episode is going to be like. Right now, it’s looking like Lexie’s in the worst condition, though Arizona obviously needs her leg seen to. Will Lexie be the one to die? Will they be able to free her? Will something happen back at Seattle Grace and all of this is just a misdirection to make us think one of the doctors involved in the plane crash is going to die?

What do you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 24 sneak peek from the finale, “Flight”?

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