‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 8 Finale ‘Flight’ Spoilers: Hints About the Death?

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 is coming to an end next week with episode 24, “Flight,” which will be showing the aftermath of the plane crash. For some time, it has been known that someone’s going to die, and the promos do show at least two doctors in situations they may not survive.

Grey’s Season 8 Episode 24 “Flight” Spoilers

The upcoming season finale is slated to be a must-see episode, and Shonda Rhimes has described it as “a very painful and shocking episode for people” in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. She went on to say, “It’s not anything that you expect, and it doesn’t have any of the resolutions that you expect.” She also added, “I wanted people to be prepared for the idea that something bad is going to happen,” when explaining why she’s been talking about it.

For some time it has been teased that a death is coming and factoring in that and the plane crash at the end of “Migration,” it’s no wonder she describes the Grey’s Anatomy season 8 finale as “dark.” To make matters worse, “There are some people who don’t even know the dark thing is going on for the entirety of the episode.” So it sounds like things are going to be going on as normal back in Seattle, with everyone thinking everything’s okay. Will the episode end with them finding out that the doctors never showed up in Boise?

That “dark thing” would be that plane crash, and promos (below) show both Arizona and Lexie in precarious situations because of it. In that interview, Rhimes talked about what the penultimate episode held for both Mark and Lexie and Arizona and Callie, but she was pretty vague about the finale. For Callie and Arizona, she said, “There’s nothing I can say.” After Arizona telling Callie to never leave her in episode 23, is episode 24 going to show Arizona dying and leaving Callie? She’s not looking good in the previews, but someone’s looking much worse.

That would be Lexie, who appears to be trapped in the plane. Rhimes said there’s “some dark stuff” coming up for Mark and Lexie as he comes to terms with her telling him she loves him and what that means for their future. He has to choose between Lexie and Julia. Could Lexie dying change everything? Will he regret not saying anything sooner?

Finally, Rhimes said, “I did what was necessary in order to tell the story that we needed to tell and tell it in the way we needed to tell us and to take us into next season the way we needed to be led there.” Whatever does happen in this finale, it is going to be something that affects these doctors next season.

What do you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy season 8 episode 24 spoilers for the finale, “Flight”?

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