‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Episode 2 Sneak Peeks: Derek’s Hand, Mark’s Advice, and Arizona’s Leg

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Grey’s Anatomy season 9 continues this week with episode 2, “Remember the Time,” which will be flashing back to the doctors being rescued and showing what happened as their recoveries began.

Grey’s Season 9 Episode 2 Clips

"Love the One You're With" Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABCThere are three sneak peeks out from Thursday’s episode, and the first (below) focuses on the state of Derek’s hand. Callie says it’s coming along well, and then talk turns to his doctor’s plan. He can tell she has something to say, and she explains her idea, which would mean full recovery, though if it doesn’t take, he’d lose more function than he has. He wants her to do the surgery, but she says no. But Derek looks like his mind is already made up. The premiere already showed that he’s going to think he’s ready to get back into the OR, only for his hand to go numb. How long will it take for Derek to get back to work? Will he ever be the Derek Shepherd he used to be?

The second Grey’s season 9 episode 2 clip (below) shows Jackson going over patient files by Mark’s bedside, but unlike in the premiere, Mark sitting up and talking. Mark also offers Jackson some advice: tell someone if he loves them, even if he’s scared. Poor Mark! That makes this clip even sadder, and it gets even worse when he asks Jackson to bring Sofia down to see him, threatening to go himself when Jackson argues he can’t bring a baby into the ICU. Jackson quickly agrees when Mark goes to get up. Will this be one of the last times Mark’s awake? Will he get to see Sofia again?

The third “Remember the Time” sneak peek (below) shows what leads up to Arizona making Callie promise she won’t let them take her leg. They’re waiting for the infection to improve, but Arizona knows that the longer they wait, the fewer options they’ll have—one. It’s a heartbreaking clip, and it’s already promising the moment Arizona finds out she lost her leg will be a tearjerker.

What do you think of the Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode 2 sneak peeks from “Remember the Time”?

Photo Credit: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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