‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9: Lexie Grey’s Death and Mark

The season finale of Grey’s Anatomy saw the shocking death of Lexie Grey. Fans didn’t see that death coming, and many are still trying to cope. Her death will have an impact on everyone she knew. It could have the largest impact on Mark and her sister Meredith. Ignoring Meredith for a moment, Mark finally admitted he was still in love with Lexie, but the admission came as she lay there dying. He ignored his own injuries to be with her as she died.

When fans last saw Mark, he was near death himself. Arizona was trying to keep him awake. Shonda Rhimes has already stated that more deaths might come at the start of season nine. One of those deaths could be Mark Sloan. Rhimes has just started work on season nine, so there is no way to know what she will plan next.

If Mark does live, Wet Paint has offered some speculation about the direction for his character. Losing Lexie will hit him hard, but he still has a new girlfriend. Will he tell her what happened? Or will he ignore it and continue on with his relationship? If he tries to ignore it, Derek or one of the others might stop him from doing that.

There is also Sofia to consider. Coming near death himself and seeing Lexie die in front of him could turn him into a way too over protective dad. He could become paranoid about the world. Luckily, Arizona and Callie will be there to stop him before he goes overboard there—that is if Arizona lives. She could also be one of the remaining cast to die as the result of this plane crash. If she does, it would open the door for Alex to stay on and take over her department.

Lexie’s death will have a large impact on everyone. There is no way to really know how hard of an impact until the series returns.

What do you think? Are you ready to see what will happen next on Grey’s Anatomy?

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