‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Premiere Spoilers: A New Patient With ‘A Major Presence’

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 ended on quite the cliffhanger. Lexie was dead, the other doctors in the crash were still in trouble, and Owen was just learning that they never made it to Boise. Everyone’s wondering who will live, who will die, who will stay, and who will go. Do the latest spoilers reveal anything about that?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

According to E! Online, the first episode of the season will feature a patient “who will have a major presence throughout the season.” She’s described as “funny, smart and girl-next-door pretty.” Could she be a new love interest for one of the doctors? Could she end up being related to one of them? Anything is possible on this show.

Considering everyone’s waiting to see who survives for Grey’s Anatomy season 9, you have to wonder how this new character will fit in. Will she be someone they have to take care of while also worrying about their friends’ lives? Not much has been revealed about the new season, and it is still unclear which doctors will even still be working in Seattle. While it does seem likely that some will change their minds about leaving, it’s always possible someone decides to say goodbye to everyone and move on—or at least try to.

What do you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy season 9 spoilers?

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