‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Aiming for Normalcy in a Time of Tragedy

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Grey’s Anatomy season 9 premieres on September 27 with “Going Going Gone,” but it won’t be until the second episode, “Remember the Time,” that what happened in the woods is shown. A synopsis of that episode is now out.

Grey’s Season 9 Episode 2 “Remember the Time” Synopsis

“The doctors try to cope with the heartache and injuries caused by the plane crash; everyone at Seattle Grace struggles to return to normalcy amidst the chaos.”

"Going Going Gone" Photo Credit: ABC/Danny FeldThis is the episode that is going to feature flashbacks to what happened in the woods after the season 8 finale, which ended with Lexie dead, and Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Arizona, and Mark still waiting for rescue, injured and hungry. Mark and Arizona’s injuries were the most life threatening, but Derek’s hand is going to take time to heal and he’s not going to be able to bounce back. Will the flashbacks show him finding out just how serious the injury is to his hand and how long the recovery process will be?

With Grey’s Anatomy season 9 picking up a few months after the crash and episode 2 flashing back, will it be “Remember the Time” that gives some clues as to how everyone reacted back at Seattle Grace upon finding out what happened to the plane? The premiere should show most of the doctors settled with months having passed, but it’s not going to be easy to get back to a normal life after what happened. The doctors will have decisions to make about their futures after the crash. Will they still leave Seattle Grace behind like they planned to before the crash, or will some decide to stay? How will the second episode explain what’s shown in the premiere?

What do you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode 2 spoilers for “Remember the Time”?

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