‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers and Casting News: A New Recurring Character

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Grey’s Anatomy has already killed off one character (Lexie) and said goodbye to another (Teddy), with at least one more slated to leave when the season begins (Eric Dane’s Mark will only be in the first two episodes). Could the newest cast addition take one of their places?

Grey’s Season 9 Casting News and Spoilers

TVLine has reported that Tessa Ferrer will be recurring in season 9 and speculates that she’ll be an intern either at Seattle Grace or the second hospital that is going to be featured as not everyone stays where they were at the end of the last season. Multiple doctors were planning to leave Seattle behind for other hospitals, but that was before the plane crash that changed everything. It does seem likely that Ferrer will be playing an intern, but Grey’s could always have come up with something different.

Will Ferrer be interacting with the majority of the cast still around in Grey’s Anatomy season 9, or could she just be with one or a few of them, depending on where this second location is? Even if she is at Seattle Grace, it’s still unclear which doctors she could be working with. Some could be leaving, while it’s uncertain if Arizona will even survive to continue working at the hospital, so even if Ferrer’s character is an intern and works any pediatrics cases, it’s possible she won’t even be interacting with Arizona. For now, all you can do is speculate, but on September 27, the series will return and give you some of those answers to questions you’ve had since May.

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