‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Bailey’s Wedding, Mark’s Goodbye

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Grey’s Anatomy season 8 may have ended on a tragic note for the doctors on that plane and can still end badly for a couple of them, but things were actually going pretty well for Bailey. What comes next?

Season 9 Spoilers

According to TV Guide, Chandra Wilson has said of Bailey’s upcoming wedding, “when Callie got married, Bailey told her, ‘I’ve already done the wedding dress and the church and it didn’t work out.’ I have a feeling [her wedding] won’t be all that traditional.” With the series skipping some time (but going back to explain what happened in episode 2), Bailey could have some of her wedding already planned when Grey’s Anatomy season 9 begins. After the tragedy that they’ve suffered (and the possibility for at least one more death), the happiness that comes with a wedding may be something these characters need in the upcoming season. However the wedding ends up going, it’ll be good to see Bailey putting it together her way and being happy.

Also coming up in season 9 is Eric Dane’s exit, which my or may not involve his character, Mark Sloane, dying. According to Wilson, “They’ve come up with a really creative send-off for Mark, especially for the die-hard Grey‘s fans. Eric gets the chance to do some really beautiful stuff in the first two episodes.” Based on his injuries in the season 8 finale and photos Patrick Dempsey had tweeted showing him in a hospital bed, it’s looking like he could be dying in the season premiere, which is going to jump forward a couple of months while the second episode will show what happened in the woods. Will fans have to say goodbye to Mark like they said goodbye to Lexie in the season 8 finale? With Wilson describing it as “a really creative send-off” for him, what’s going to happen? Is it possible Mark won’t die and could return to Seattle Grace in the future? It’s looking more and more like that’s not going to be the case and fans should brace themselves for another sad death.

What do you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy season 9 spoilers?

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