‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Derek’s Hand, A ‘Strong-Willed’ Intern, Meredith and Cristina

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Grey’s Anatomy season 9 premieres this week, and the aftermath of the plane crash isn’t the only thing to look forward to. Will Derek be able to get back to work? What will happen to Arizona? How are the new characters? Will Meredith and Cristina handle working in different hospitals?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

"Going Going Gone" Photo Credit: ABC/Danny FeldAccording to TVLine, Patrick Dempsey has teased that Derek’s hand is not going to be miraculously cured when the season begins, even though the premiere jumps forward a few months. While the sneak peek from “Going Going Gone” shows him telling Callie he’s ready and will join her in the OR, Dempsey previewed, “The first couple of episodes, he’s trying to perform surgery, and it’s not working, so he has to make an adjustment.” Callie’s going to be trying to help and come up with some way to fix that, and Sara Ramirez has said that “she absolutely puts pressure on herself” to do that. If anyone can figure out what’s wrong with Derek’s hand, it’s Callie, but is this something she can fix? It’s hard to imagine Derek not able to operate, but that would make for quite the storyline. At the least, it gives them something to explore for a few episodes.

Callie putting this pressure on herself could be her way of dealing with whatever happens to Arizona and Mark. While it’s looking like Mark’s definitely going to die, Arizona’s fate is very much in question in Grey’s season 9. Ramirez calls the journey that’s coming “an intense one” for Callie and Arizona, and based on what has been said lately, it does seem to be leaning more towards Arizona surviving but with a permanent injury because of what happened to her in the crash. That could be something that puts a strain on Callie, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see her then throwing herself into helping Derek and fixing his hand instead of perhaps dealing with how the crash has personally affected her even though she wasn’t on the plane.

There are going to be some new characters this season, and one of them, an intern, Wilson (Camilla Luddington), is “very strong-willed,” according to Kevin McKidd, who went on to say, “She has very strong views. And Owen, being the chief, has to rub up against her and sort of get into ethical battles with her, so it’s interesting to see that.” Owen’s going to have enough to deal with this season, especially as it begins, that Wilson could begin to get on his nerves. How will viewers see her since she is a new character who will be at odds with one of the regulars?

Finally, the episode that’s going to focus on Meredith and Cristina has been teased for a while now, but there are finally some details as to what to expect. The episode will be showing Meredith working at Seattle Grace while Cristina’s working at the Mayo Clinic, and Ellen Pompeo previewed, “They’re individual storylines, but in our own storylines, it’s sort of ALL us,” adding that for Meredith, she “has a super-critical patient,” but “the underlying subtext” there is that it involves Meredith having to deal with Lexie’s death. Previous spoilers have revealed that Meredith won’t be doing that right away and that it would come out. This is the episode in which it will happen and according to Pompeo, that happens “through taking care of this patient.” What will this mean for Meredith going forward? Will part of Meredith dealing with her sister’s death include the fact that she didn’t get a chance to say goodbye? With the tease that there’s a meaner Meredith this year, this could mean that changes just a bit once she has dealt with Lexie’s death. While Meredith’s dealing with her patient, what will Cristina be dealing with at the Mayo Clinic? How long will Cristina be working there and away from Seattle? Is that something that’s going to last all season?

What do you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy season 9 spoilers?

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