‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Episode About Cristina and Meredith

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Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC with new episodes on September 27, and between that episode and the following one, fans will find out just what happened in the woods and who survived. There’s no question that Meredith, Cristina, and Derek will be alive in season 9, but what else is coming their way?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC/Richard CartwrightAccording to TVLine, creator Shonda Rhimes has revealed that there will be an episode that’s “just the story of Meredith and Cristina,” which she says will “be original,” “not a regular episode,” and “fairly different.” That should be a good episode, considering everything these two have been through together. With this tease, it seems likely that both Meredith and Cristina will still be at Seattle Grace in Grey’s Anatomy season 9 and won’t be at the second location that’s going to be introduced, unless one of them leaves and then returns or Rhimes has a plan that would work with them in different places.

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 ended with the two of them among the stranded survivors of the plane crash in the woods, but there wasn’t really ever a question about their survival. After all, could you imagine Grey’s without those two? That’s hard to do, and fortunately, that’s not going to happen. But what will their friendship look like in season 9? There have already been teases that Meredith’s going to be meaner in the new season, and she’ll be dealing with losing Lexie and Derek figuring out how to be a doctor in the aftermath of his injury. Meanwhile, there’s the drama of Cristina and Owen. Will Meredith and Cristina be leaning on one another more or less this season with everything else going on in their lives?

What do you think of the latest Grey’s Anatomy season 9 spoilers?

Photo Credit: ABC/Richard Cartwright

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