‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Is That It for April and Jackson?

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Poor Jackson. That’s a pretty good way to describe what happened between April and Jackson in the last new Grey’s Anatomy season 9 episode, “I Was Made for Lovin’ You” after she realized she was late. He told her he was in and even began planning their lives together—house, wedding, family, the whole nine yards—but after she found out she wasn’t pregnant, she was instead too relieved and said they could go back to dating, leaving Jackson hurt. So what’s next?

Photo Credit: Richard Cartwright/ABCSarah Drew told The Hollywood Reporter, “At this point in their life, they’re in two very different places and they can’t really meet each other where they need to be in order to keep their relationship going. So sadly, they must take a pause.” While Jackson’s seeing April’s reaction as her not being as in as he was, she just was glad they didn’t have to do what he had said. But perhaps this pause is going to end up being a good thing, considering they haven’t exactly been together too long. Maybe they need a break from one another before they can be together for good. Besides, it wouldn’t be Grey’s Anatomy without some drama, and given how things ended between them in “I Was Made for Lovin’ You,” they should take some time apart.

April has only been with Jackson, but she’s not someone who’s just going to go rebound with someone else. So will there be other people in their lives romantically before they possibly find their way back to one another? According to Jesse Williams, “You measure this by comparison to something else. For April—who has a little more limited experience romantically—to test the waters voluntarily or involuntarily to see what it’s like, whether that makes her kind of look fondly back at her previous partner or try something new and the same for Jackson. We’re going to demonstrate a difference between a relationship, a bond, a trust and lust and a crime of passion, as it were.” While it wouldn’t be surprising for Jackson to rebound at all, especially given everything that has happened, it is also possible he’ll remember that conversation he had with Mark before doing something he may regret, especially since it doesn’t seem like April and Jackson are over for good. Just because they’re not together doesn’t mean his feelings have changed, and anything could happen over the course of the season.

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