‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Mark’s Reaction to Lexie’s Death

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 ended with Lexie dying from the injuries she suffered in the plane crash, leading to a heart-wrenching goodbye for her and Mark. But what could be coming up for Mark in season 9?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

It’s still unclear if Mark will even be around to grieve in season 9, but Chyler Leigh talked to TV Guide about their relationship and what she’s hoping to see from him in terms of her death: “The roller coaster between them was always very dynamic and I think realistic. When it comes to death we never know the date or the hour. There is absolute shock value to that. As far as their relationship, it was in some ways very young. So Rachel and Ross [from Friends]. It’s so hard to put a pin in what went wrong or how it could have gone better. But will Mark go on? Absolutely. He’ll move right along. That’s just what Mark Sloane does. But initially I hope there will be a devastation.”

Because they do have that story to tell—Mark grieving—it does seem likely that Eric Dane will be around in Grey’s Anatomy season 9. It also seems like that could be one way of keeping some of the characters who were planning to leave in Seattle. Jackson could stay because Mark needs him. Derek could stay for the same reason (though he may also be staying because Meredith decides to as well). It seems likely that what Leigh hopes to see will be what happens when season 9 begins, and after how fans reacted to her death, it could be the right way to handle it.

However, Mark was seriously injured in the plane crash. His and Arizona’s injuries were the worst among the doctors still alive. Shonda Rhimes has said that everyone won’t necessarily live, and it is possible that they could show him still grieving to begin the premiere and then kill him off later on.

There is also the fact that Mark left a girlfriend behind in Seattle. Though he talked about the future with Lexie as she was dying—and Chyler Leigh also said she thought Mark was the love of her character’s life, along with “I do think there could have been a destiny for that”—Mark is going to have to face that when he gets home. They couldn’t just forget about Julia, right? Whatever does happen, it doesn’t seem like Julia is going to be around much longer. They could even take care of her off-screen.

What are you hoping to see from Mark in Grey’s Anatomy season 9?

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