‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Meredith’s ‘No-Nonsense’ Attitude and Grief Process

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s upcoming ninth season is going to see the doctors having to move on after the plane crash that took at least one life (Lexie’s), and that may lead to some personality changes.

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

Photo Credit: ABC/Karen NealAccording to TVLine, executive producer Shonda Rhimes has teased about Meredith, “I don’t know if she’s angrier or meaner, but she’s a lot more no-nonsense. She doesn’t have a lot of patience for less than perfect. She’s very good at what she does, and after her experience in the woods, takes saving lives very, very seriously.” So it sounds like the new interns are in store for a tough time with Meredith. After everything she’s been through, it’s hard to expect anything else to begin with from her, especially since there’s more coming up that will be revealed in the second episode of the season, which is flashing back to what happened in the woods. It seems likely Meredith will be “no-nonsense” with interns at Seattle Grace—can you imagine Grey’s without Meredith there?—but she could always begin the season in the second location if she and Derek chose to move. If they did, it could have to do with the rehab he’ll be going through for his hand.

However, Rhimes also previewed a “lovely episode” in Grey’s Anatomy season 9 that will show Meredith “forced to deal with the loss”: “We sort of build to the idea where Meredith, who tends to clamp down because that’s her way, finally has a moment when she really mourns.” Will that be before or after the standalone Meredith and Cristina-centric episode coming up? Who will be there when she does grieve? Will it be one of those closest to her (Cristina or Derek), or could it be one of the new characters? Will she be alone? Meredith is going to have a tough time in the upcoming season, and you have to wonder if part of her mourning will include the fact that she didn’t get to say goodbye to Lexie.

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Photo Credit: ABC/Karen Neal

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