‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: More New Arrivals Revealed

Work is getting under way for Grey’s Anatomy season 9, and the first details about the upcoming season are starting to slowly come out. There will definitely be some new faces around Seattle Grace-Mercy West in the fall, but how they will fit in on the series is not yet known. Those details should come out in due time.

Shonda Rhimes is looking for two more characters, but it isn’t clear how long they will be around for. TV Guide revealed the following about these new characters:

“Among the new castings for the season premiere — besides two new docs, a couple of medical professionals and a new resident — are two flight attendants. Either Shonda Rhimes really wants to make the fans suffer with a flashback to the actual crash, or the Stranded Six Five will have to get back on the plane to return to Seattle. Where’s Dr. Perkins when you need him?”

Now, it is possible that it is for a flashback sequence going back to the plane crash, but that almost seems too painful. Rhimes is known for making her characters and viewers suffer though. Could these flight attendants be patients that the survivors will have to treat? That seems possible, but no one will really know until Grey’s Anatomy does return in the fall.

It is just safe to say, there are some big changes coming for this series. What do you think? What part will the flight attendants play?

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