‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Owen and Cristina after the Plane Crash

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 ended with several of the doctors’ lives in danger after a plane crash. They’ve already lost Lexie, but it is possible that someone else could die as well—such as Mark or Arizona. But the future is uncertain for Cristina in terms of her relationship with Owen. What could be coming up?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

Kevin McKidd talked to Entertainment Weekly about what the aftermath of the crash could mean for his character’s relationship: “I think the plane crash changes the landscape dramatically. I’m interested to see where they’re at. Owen wants to win her heart back, and I would imagine he’s going to do everything in his power to do that. Again, it’s so interesting the way the writers write such amazing storylines, so I can’t say that’s what’s going to happen, but that would be my wish. I hope he’s her rock and fights for her.”

This all depends on whether Cristina changes her mind and decides to stay in Seattle. The crash could lead that to happen, but even if it does, that doesn’t mean it would necessarily be smooth sailing for her and Owen. They’re going to have a lot to talk about before they could even think about getting back together, and part of that is Cristina’s decision about the future. She was planning to leave Seattle behind, and what ultimately leads to her deciding whether or not to do that is something they need to discuss.

If they do get back together in Grey’s Anatomy season 9, that doesn’t mean that some things will change for them. When asked about a baby, McKidd said, “I think that might be in the cards, but you never can tell. I think it’s going to still be a long road for them, but I hope they are now on a healing path.” It’s going to be a long time before any of them are really ready to heal after the crash, but having Owen by her side may be what Cristina needs, despite the recent problems they’ve been having.

What do you want to see happen with Owen and Cristina in Grey’s Anatomy season 9?

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