‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Owen and Derek’s Friendship Will ‘Flourish’

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Grey’s Anatomy‘s ninth season is going to see the loss of Eric Dane’s Mark very early on, and it’s certainly looking like he’s going to be dying of his injuries from the crash. How will this affect those around him?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers About After Mark’s Exit

"Going Going Gone" Photo Credit: ABC/Danny FeldAccording to TVLine, Kevin McKidd has teased, “Owen and Derek definitely start to lean on each other more. Owen needs a friend and so does Derek, so in the first few episodes they do check in with each other quite a bit. And it’s nice to see that friendship flourish.” Both are going to have some things they’re going through in Grey’s Anatomy season 9.

There’s Derek’s hand injury, and while the “Going Going Gone” sneak peek does show him ready to go back into the OR, this doesn’t seem like something that’s going to be that easy. With Meredith dealing with her sister’s death, whether that’s facing it or taking time to, it makes sense that Derek might lean on someone else, and why not Owen with Mark gone? Owen will be going through his own problems, such as his marriage, so these two may need a break every now and then to discuss what’s going on in their lives, perhaps over a drink. They may not have a house to build anymore to work out any frustrations, but they could find another way this season.

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