‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Premiere Timeline, the Crash Aftermath, and ‘Another Location’

Grey’s Anatomy ended its eighth season in quite dramatically. Lexie died, the other doctors were still out in the woods, and back in the hospital, Owen just learned they never made it to Boise. So what’s coming up next?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

TV Guide talked to Shonda Rhimes about the upcoming season, and she has revealed that the premiere will be jumping “two to three months into the future,” meaning they’ll be showing the doctors “located where they’re going to be located” and showing “the aftermath of what happened.” It’s not going to be until the second episode where they “start back in the woods” and answer questions that will be remaining after seeing where these doctors are months later. So while you’ll have some idea about what happened, it sounds like that second episode is one you’re going to be eager to see. After that episode, “you’re back to regular time and we’re back on our timeline,” Rhimes explained. Will that work? It’s definitely different and not what you’re expecting. It could end up being exactly what they need to do, though after waiting months to see what happened right after the series left the doctors in the woods, it does mean the wait is longer for that.

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 is also going to be “set at Seattle Grace and someplace else.” Yes, “some people left,” but Rhimes wouldn’t give away anything about this second place “because that would be too spoilery.” She did reveal “it’s a hospital” and “when we come back at the beginning of the season, some of our doctors are in different locations, more than one of them, and some of our doctors are preparing to leave for different locations.” When the eighth season was coming to an end, the doctors were planning to leave Seattle behind. It sounds like some of them will still be doing that, and with Eric Dane revealing that he’s leaving Grey’s, it seems likely he’ll now be one of them. You do have to wonder if this second location will last. It is possible that whoever leaves for this second hospital could return to Seattle.

Rhimes also talked about the aftermath of the crash for the doctors. Meredith will be “a very different person” after her sister’s death and what has happened. Would you really expect anything else? Rhimes did point out that now these doctors are Attendings, which means they will have more responsibilities and their relationships with other doctors—who used to be in charge of them—are going to change. That should be interesting to see play out, as it has all been leading up to this. Meredith will not only have to deal with that, but she’ll also likely have a role to play in Derek’s recovery. His hand was busted up pretty badly in the woods, and Rhimes teased, “we’re going to watch what happens to a doctor who can temporarily no longer perform surgery,” and it’s not going to be a secret. She did say that “Derek is being pretty heroic about it,” but is that something that will last? How long will this injury keep him out of surgery? If it lasts too long, will he no longer be “heroic” about it?

Cristina is also going to have to deal with the aftermath of the plane crash, but it does sound like she’ll have Owen by her side as Rhimes has said, “we’re going to be seeing… Cristina and Owen finding their way back to each other.” After the end of last season, that did seem likely to be what was coming in season 9, and with this news, it seems likely that Cristina decides to stay at Seattle Grace. Could Teddy leaving and that spot opening up be what influences her decision to do so?

Rhimes wouldn’t say anything about Arizona’s future and her relationship with Callie, which has to worry you. Her injuries were pretty bad when season 8 ended, and it is possible that she could die from them. Considering she also said that “there is some very dark stuff happening for” Alex as he deals with the fact that he was originally supposed to have gone and Arizona took his spot, it’s really hard not to imagine that this could be the end of the character of Arizona. It is possible that Arizona could just have a long recovery ahead, but it’s not sounding good for her.

Last season also saw April fail her boards, and her future as a doctor seemed grim. Well, she is going to be part of season 9, and Shonda Rhimes did reveal that she “goes home” and “how she comes back is pretty charming and interesting.” That’s part of the premiere, so you have to wonder how she’ll be fitting in at Seattle Grace after the time jump of a few months. April has bounced back before, but how will this time be different than the last?

Finally, there’s actually some happy news, and that’s about Bailey and Ben. There will “probably” be a wedding at some point for them, and considering everything else that’s going on, these characters deserve some sort of happiness in their lives. That’s going to come from Bailey and Ben at the very least, and you just have to hope that lasts.

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