‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Sarah Drew on the Aftermath of the Plane Crash

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 ended with some of the doctors still in danger after the plane crash. Lexie died, and the others are injured and hungry, still out in the woods. It was only at the end of the episode that Owen got around to listening to his messages and found out they never made it to Boise.

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

The rest of the hospital has yet to find out about the crash. In fact, Richard, Alex, Jackson, and April were waiting for Meredith and Cristina to show up for the dinner when the episode ended. Everyone’s dealing with their own drama of course (it wouldn’t be Grey’s otherwise), but this is big enough that all of that could be pushed aside. That seems to be what Sarah Drew imagines, at least for April, as she told Entertainment Weekly, “I do think she is a big enough person to put her own personal trauma aside and rally for the larger group.” When season 8 ended, April had failed her boards and had no job prospects in her future. She was freaking out about that, which was understandable. However, that means nothing with doctors dying and lives hanging in the balance.

There’s also the question of April and Jackson in Grey’s Anatomy season 9, and Drew said, “I hope that [April and Jackson] will just remain very dear friends, regardless of where their relationship takes them. But I don’t know — it could be a very interesting love story. But it could also be a complicated one.” Whatever happens with their relationship, they are going to need each other to get through this. Jackson will be dealing with Lexie’s death, and assuming Mark lives, Mark may need to lean on Jackson a bit as the season goes on (assuming Jackson stays in Seattle). Any romantic relationship is going to have to take a backseat for a while as everyone deals with the aftermath of the crash.

What do you think will happen in Grey’s Anatomy season 9?

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