‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: What Leads to Derek and Callie Bonding?

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Grey’s Anatomy returns to ABC with new episodes on September 27 with “Going Going Gone,” and the ninth season is going to see a new friendship emerge. What leads to Derek and Callie becoming closer?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

Photo Credit: Randy Holmes/ABCCallie is going to be joining Alex as someone strongly affected by the crash without being on the plane. He’s going to have his own coping mechanism, but what is one way Callie will be dealing? According to TVLine, Shonda Rhimes has previewed, “Even though Callie wasn’t in the crash herself, they both experienced some pretty traumatic things because of it.” They will both be dealing with losing Mark, best friend to both and father to Sofia. It’s still unclear what will happen to Arizona, so Callie could be dealing with something concerning her as well. It does make sense that they’d bond after what has happened, especially when you consider another spoiler about the new season.

Rhimes also teased that in Grey’s Anatomy season 9, “Callie is going to be working in a pretty interesting way to fix Derek’s hand.” Derek’s hand was in pretty bad shape after the crash, and considering how important his hands are to him, that was cause to worry. Of course Derek’s likely to get back to work, but how long will it be before he’s back to what he used to be? Will he get back to that? With Callie working on it, it could happen sooner than one might think. If anyone can come up with something to help Derek with his hand, it’s Callie. Will she use this new project as a way to maybe avoid some of what happened in and after the crash? She’s come up with some innovative fixes in the past; why should this time be any different?

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