‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Who’s Definitely Working at Seattle Grace?

Grey’s Anatomy season 8 ended on quite the cliffhanger. Lexie’s dead. Teddy’s no longer part of the Seattle Grace staff. Meredith, Cristina, Derek, Mark, and Arizona are still out in the wilderness. People are planning to leave Seattle behind. So what does this mean for the future of the hospital staff?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

According to E! Online, Shonda Rhimes has said the following about the status of everyone in season 9: “The chief, Owen and Callie are the only people alive and definitely still working at the hospital. Bailey’s husband is moving to L.A. Five people are still in the forest. Jackson and Alex have taken jobs elsewhere. April Kepner doesn’t have a job. So, I can’t give anybody reassurances about anything because we don’t know who is going to be at the hospital next season.” It’s still unclear if everyone’s going to make it back to Seattle alive. Anything could happen to them. The wait for the season premiere is even worse this summer because so many characters’ fates are uncertain.

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 is going to have a lot to take care of when it picks up if they want the cast to look as close to its usual as possible. The season 8 finale did end with Owen finally listening to his messages, so that means that they’re at least going to find out what happened. Will Lexie’s death—and possibly someone else’s (Arizona and Mark were particularly looking pretty weak)—be a factor in doctors deciding to stay at Seattle Grace? It’s not going to be so easy for April to get rehired (though she has done it before) after she failed her boards. But it wouldn’t be surprising if they came up with a way to make that happen.

Considering before the finale even aired, it had been reported that the original cast members of the show had signed on for two more seasons, there doesn’t seem to be any reason to wonder if Meredith, Derek, Cristina, Alex, and Bailey will be joining Richard at Seattle Grace in season 9—unless they decide to try to focus on different locations next season. However, after what they’ve gone through, it doesn’t seem likely that Meredith and Cristina will be leaving one another any time soon, and Derek’s going to stick by Meredith’s side. Could what happens to Arizona influence Alex’s decision? Could the same be true about Mark for Jackson after the loss of Lexie? There are obviously ways to get everyone to stay, but it’s just a matter of waiting to see if (and how) that happens.

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