‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9 Spoilers: Will Owen Feel Guilty?

Grey’s Anatomy‘s eighth season ended with Lexie dead and the other doctors in the plane crash in the woods. Owen just learned what happened when he sat down to listen to his messages. Will he feel guilty he didn’t listen to them sooner?

Grey’s Season 9 Spoilers

Shonda Rhimes told The Hollywood Reporter, “I don’t think there’s any guilt there. We’re not playing with the idea that he did a terrible thing not taking his calls that day, that’s not really an issue for us.” While yes, he would have found out sooner that the doctors never made it to Boise, he’s not at fault for that. He had his own problems to deal with back at Seattle Grace, and why would he think that something would go wrong and the plane would crash? You can’t argue that if he had known sooner that the events wouldn’t have played out like they did; they still need to find them, and it’s likely that the end result would be the same either way.

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 is set to have its premiere jump ahead a couple of months, which means that while fans will know the outcome of the crash and its survivors—it should be easy to deduce based on who’s around and who’s not—it won’t be until episode 2, which will flash back to what happens in the woods after the season 8 finale, that viewers will get the full story about what happens next. What will Owen do after those phone calls? He’s going to have to rally everyone together, especially once they find out their friends and family are missing. He’s going to have to deal with the fact that Cristina’s one of the missing doctors while trying to keep everyone else under control—they do have a hospital full of patients after all. While Owen did what was right at the time, he’s also going to have to manage what comes next.

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