‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9: Will Cristina and Owen Work Things Out?

On Grey’s Anatomy, Cristina Yang and Owen Hunt had a rough year. The differences between them over having a baby caused a rift between the couple that drove Owen to cheat on Cristina. Once she found that out, she was unable to forgive him, and it looked like the two might call it quits. Not many really understood the problems that arose in the marriage. Cristina and Owen kept that pretty quiet. Teddy didn’t even know Owen had cheated on Yang until he told her.

Can the two work through the cheating and then work through their other issues to make a lasting relationship? It isn’t the affair that caused the problems between them. They were started before then. Wet Paint has some speculation about what is ahead for this couple in season nine. Yang was offered a job on the other side of the country, and Owen, played by Kevin McKidd, is in charge of Seattle Grace. He isn’t leaving his post obviously.

However, the season finale plane crash that took the life of Lexie Grey, played by Chyler Leigh, might change a lot. The fact Sandra Oh signed a two-year contract also will change things. This could cause Yang to stick around Seattle Grace. She will have another reason to stay as well. With Teddy gone, the head position in cardiology is now open as well. She could take over that department of Seattle Grace-Mercy West. That means she doesn’t have to leave Seattle at all.

Remaining in Seattle would give Owen and Cristina to work through their issues. Shonda Rhimes has said time and time again that this pair is one of her favorite couples to write, so maybe now that she is back working on scripts for Grey’s Anatomy season nine, she can find a way to bring these two back together.

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