‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season 9: Will Cristina Yang Stay in Seattle?

Grey’s Anatomy season 9 is still weeks away from its return, but this isn’t stopping fans from wondering what will happen to the surgeons that have lived and worked at Seattle Grace-Mercy West for the last several seasons. One of those surgeons is Cristina Yang, and at the end of the season she was prepared to leave Seattle and move onto a new position for herself on the east coast.

However, she might change her mind now and remain in Seattle. Wet Paint offers some solid reasons why she might stick around. It won’t be just because Meredith has lost her sister and will need her either. Out of all the surgeons on staff, Yang, played by Sandra Oh, has always been the least emotional and most practical when it comes to her career. There have been times of great emotion over the years, but she has managed to use those instances to make herself a stronger doctor.

Why will she stay at Seattle Grace-Mercy West? The reason is simple. The door has been opened with Teddy’s firing. Owen Hunt, played by Kevin McKidd, opened that door. There is now a head cardiology opening at the hospital, and that is what Cristina wants. She wants that position, and she can now have it without leaving her husband.

The crash could definitely make her see the importance of family and change her mind about certain things when it comes to her relationship. In times of great turmoil and distress, people do tend to come together, and this plane crash and the events that followed it could bring Owen and Cristina closer together.

What do you think? Will Yang stay in Seattle on Grey’s Anatomy?

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