‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale Preview: Meredith’s Deed Changes All

Grey’s Anatomy is ready to air the season seven finale on Thursday night, and it is promising to be a big episode that will change the lives of those that live and work at Seattle Grace. Meredith’s one act of trying to help a good friend is going to blow up in her face, and it might cost her everything. The season finale will be a catalyst to change, and fans are ready and waiting for it.

Earlier this week, TV Overmind released several episode sneak peeks for the Thursday night finale titled “Unaccompanied Minor.” During the episode, a plane crash will have the staff at Seattle Grace trying to deal with two hundred injured passengers. The sneak peeks show the staff of the hospital receiving the information about the crash, and then a second sneak peek shows how the crash effects Bailey personally. The plane that crashed flew in from Buffalo, and it is a flight she has taken several times herself to visit family.

The other two sneak peeks involve Meredith preparing to bring home baby Zola,and the Teddy’s relationship with Henry. The episode is promising change with Teddy heading off to Germany with Andrew, Cristina finding out she is pregnant, and the announcement of Chief Resident finally being made. That will end season seven, and Meredith will find out what her deed in helping Adele will cost her in the end. Could it be both her career and her marriage? Fans will have to tune in to watch the Grey’s Anatomy season finale on Thursday night.

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