‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Drama on the Way for Cristina and Owen

Grey’s Anatomy is ready to air an all-new episode titled ‘White Wedding’ this week, but fans are already getting teased about the season finale of the series that is set for May 19. Word has it that Cristina and Owen will face a major test in the season finale episode after Cristina learns “some disturbing news” during the episode.

No hint on what that news could be, but it could be a game changer for the relationship of Cristina and Owen. Shonda Rhimes said the following to TV Line: “And how she and Owen handle that news will speak volumes about the future of their relationship.” The creator of the series has been promising big internal drama at play as the season of Grey’s comes to a close. Last season ended with a bang as a gunman shot his way through Seattle Grace.

No guns will be drawn this season, but there will be drama. Jesse Williams already teased a potential face to face with Mark Sloan over Lexie, so that could cause drama as well. First, there is some happiness in store for the characters.

This week, Callie and Arizona will get married. Their way to the altar is promising to be drama filled, but they do marry. Love will be in the air on Grey’s Anatomy this week. This is the calm before the storm though. Expect drama in the weeks ahead. What do you think? Do you want to see the relationship of Cristina and Owen to survive this new test in the Grey’s Anatomy season finale?

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