‘Grey’s Anatomy': Will the Finale Death Cost the Show Viewers?

Fans are still buzzing about the big death that happened on the Grey’s Anatomy finale. Not many saw that shocking end to Lexie Grey, and the death has caused some upset with the fan base of the series. Will some stop watching the show now after seeing how things were handled in the season finale?

This series is still one of the most watched shows on television, but it has lost viewers over the last seasons. Some stopped tuning in after the Denny ghost story line. Some stopped tuning in when others like T.R. Knight and Katherine Heigl left the series. Will the departure of Chyler Leigh earn the same response from fans? Matt from TV Guide said the following in his recent television report:

Do I think this latest event will cost Grey’s viewers? No doubt. Exhaustion has already set in, as it does for any long-running show of this sort, but I still enjoy it enough to stick it out for at least another season. As long as we’re not subjected to visits by (shudder) Lexie’s ghost. I think they’ve learned their lesson on that front.

Grey’s Anatomy is headed into its ninth season in the fall, and as time goes on some series do lose viewers. It is happening to series like American Idol as well. However, some series can go on for several series and still do well. Fans kept tuning in and watching E.R. over on NBC. That series came full circle by the end of it.

How much longer will this series go? The main cast signed new two-year contracts earlier this month, so fans can expect at least a tenth season out of the series. Anything beyond that is too soon to tell. It all depends on what happens in season nine and ten. It also depends on the fans continuing to tune in.

What do you think? Do you plan to keep watching?

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