‘Grey’s Anatomy': Would Lexie and Mark Have Lived Happily Ever After?

A week ago, Grey’s Anatomy aired its season finale. Many fans have slowly come to terms with the death of Lexie Grey, and now they are looking ahead to what will happen to Mark Sloan, played by Eric Dane, in season nine. Some are also playing what if when it comes to Lexie and Mark if Lexie had not been crushed in the plane crash.

Over time, Lexie and Mark became one of the super couples on the series. They both had their issues, separately and together, but they somehow worked. Even Shonda Rhimes admitted that the pair was meant to be together. Then why weren’t they together? Why have them apart for as long as they were? Was this death long planned out? It sounds like that was the case, even if Shonda Rhimes is still keeping quiet about the reasons behind Chyler Leigh’s departure.

If Lexie had lived, would Mark have eventually what he had right in front of him and worked things out? Possibly, but they tried to work things out before. She is young, and he is set in his ways. If they were going to work things out, it would have been long before the big moment where Lexie is about to die and Mark tells her he loves her too.

Many fans are still reeling from her death, and now the long summer wait begins. How will her death impact everyone else? Meredith and Derek will surely feel the loss. Derek had adopted her as a little sister of sorts. Jackson and Alex had both slept with Lexie in the past, so they will feel the loss as well. As for Mark, the big question now is – will he live and be seen on Grey’s Anatomy season nine?

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